January 23rd, 2013

Admiral Ackbar

Maybe the end of the smell. Maybe.

The saga of the smell now reaches Episode 4:

I gave my landlord permission to come into my apartment Monday morning to see if he could smell what I'd been smelling late last week and over the weekend. He and his wife came over (I was at work) and didn't smell anything out of the ordinary; he left a note saying to call them if the smell comes back.

Whatever it's been, it seems to have dissipated. Were it something really awful, like Law & Order-opening scene awful, that almost certainly wouldn't have happened. But my nose remains on alert. That smell was annoying. (It would've REALLY annoyed Admiral Ackbar. That nose of his is probably why his command ship was so clean. But I digress.)

Though as the smell in here got better, the smells in Portland got worse. We had stagnant air over the weekend and the start of this week, and some areas I've been in have been rank. The NW industrial area where I've been working has been especially bad, even by its standards. I'm hoping that the almost-freezing rain we had today (not quite freezing! At least so far!) cleaned the air at least a bit.

I've never written this much about smell. I hope I next get to write about nice smells.

So how's by you?