February 1st, 2013

Captain Kris W'lash

Cranky Chris is Cranky

It is the time of the Ganglords little annoyances. It is the time of Al Capone a lot of little things not working.*

Right off I'll admit that I know, they're little. I'm not dealing with the challenges that a lot of y'all are dealing with; I'm sorry about those. Little annoyances are still a little annoying. First thing this morning, I wake up and flip the switch to turn on my kitchen kight, and the bulb (replaced not that long ago) goes out. On the morning a plumber's coming in to fix the faucet that's broken. This also happened after a less-than-ideal night's sleep; I didn't need to see what the 1 o'clock hour or the 4 o'clock hour looked like this morning...

I'll check in a bit to see if any of the light bulbs I have will fit in the kitchen's light fixture, because light in there is kind of important. All I have right now are three-way bulbs which aren't the exact right type; I also don't know if they're too big to fit in the light fixture.

Again, little things not working.

I do my best to be honest here. I also do what I can to keep perspective; plenty of events I've seen lately, plenty of (again) what many friends of mine are going through, remind me that these problems of mine are small. So I'll be honest: right now I'm cranky. And right now I hope I'm not tempting fate, karma, coincidence or whatever and wind up facing something worse that'd make me crankier.

I'll be better later. Really.

* Why not adapt the opening of The Untouchables? I'd want Ennio Morricone playing music for my life. And hey, at least I don't have gangsters trying to kill me.
Cartoon Chris

Faucets are magic!

Good thing: here's where you've gone!* You've gone to me, and I appreciate that.

My kitchen sink now has a new, fully working, completely not-leaking faucet. It works!

Apart from the obvious reason to celebrate, which is "things that work are good," one time my landlord looked at my then-messed up faucet and said fixing it might require (if I remember correctly) breaking the whole sink, and I was loath to go through that unless absolutely necessary. Yay for not needing something that big!

(Also, my landlord had the right size replacement bulb for my kitchen light, so that works again. Safely, even!)

Now to wash towels, especially the ones used to sop up the leak when it was bad...

* Random song quote is random. ("Doop do-dee-doop...") From here: