February 4th, 2013

Portland Timbers

Quick thoughts on Sunday:

  • I'm willing to walk far to avoid using too many bus tickets. *nods* In the midday I walked from home to my friends' Super Bowl party near the Hollywood neighborhood. Yay, my legs! And it was a decent day for walking, too: not as specatcular as Saturday, but still almost comfortable. Winter is coming again, of course, winter is still happening and this is still wet-and-dark Portland, but I took advantage. (And after the party, even briefly considered walking all the way home, but quickly realized I wasn't up for that.)

  • Food! Yelling! Touchdown dances! Watching people drink shots! We stayed entertained at the Super Bowl party even when half of the power went out in the [Corporate Sponsor] SuperDome.

  • Even without having a dog in this hunt, I wanted and eventually got a fun, (usually) well-played game. (It helped that I was rooting for the eventual winners, though I made sure not to give crap to the 49ers fans at the party. Or to the Jacksonville Jaguars fan at the party.) And I'm actually hopeful that the Seahawks can get to the next Big Game -- though I think I'd be even happier if either the Chargers or the Jets make it first.

  • I hope it's been a satisfying and not too crazy week for New Orleans's own docbrite, with all the Super Bowl festivities nearby. I hope he enjoyed the game, even without his Saints in it (though, hey, Sean Payton was in the dome); I also wish he'd live-tweeted it, but I can't have everything.

  • Now I'm hoping Lady Gaga is a football fan. Think recent Super Bowl halftime shows haven't been spectacular enough? Imagine hers.

    Oh, I've said that before.

    This entry needs to be something I've never blogged before.

    First thing I thought to write about, I then thought Oh, I've said that before. Second thing I thought to write about, same response. My inner editor is active. (So I have a long story open on this computer, and I'm slowly editing it. Take advantage, that's what I can do...)

    So: what have I not blogged about before?

    Lamps! Which makes me think: if Brick Tamland lives into the 2000s, he'd blog about lamps. If he made it to 2012, he'd have a Tumblr about lamps. Lamp after lamp after lamp. Because he loves lamp.

    ...was that too easy? Whatever, I hadn't blogged about it before.

    Bloody Marys! I've never blogged about them because I've yet to have one. (Reminds me (THERE'S THAT PHRASE AGAIN), Mickey Spillane once said "Mike Hammer doesn't drink cognac because I can't spell it.") Yes, yes, I'll correct that and have a Bloody Mary; I already promised that to friends and at least one family member. Seems like I'd like it. Alicia wouldn't, based on the one time she drank a V8. Me, I drink plenty of V8. The drink, not the engine. Really, do I have to do all the work here?

    What else has gone unblogged? Mummies? Umlauts? Skin flakes? Why it'd be awesome if waterfalls fell up? Oh, I'll think of something.