February 16th, 2013


Luckily, the right decision (so far)

I knew money would be tight this month, so here's been my plan: don't buy a bus/light rail pass for February, but buy tickets instead. These can be redeemed once and are then good for boarding buses or trains anytime from then until two or two-and-a-half hours from then: that should be enough to get you where you're going, and maybe even to get you back. Basically I wasn't sure if, even with work, I'd take enough bus trips to justify the cost of the monthly bus pass this short month.

I also know myself well enough that with tickets, I'd walk more because I'd want to hoard, I mean save tickets. Use them only when really needed. Two weeks ago I walked almost from my place to I-84 to go to my friends Emma and Paul's Super Bowl viewing party; then I bused home. After work last Tuesday I rode down to and back from the nearest supermarket to my place, so that was only one ticket, as well.

Today I walked all the way from my place to downtown Portland, via the Ross Island Bridge (NOT a walker-friendly bridge, so I was extra-careful), and went to a coffee shop, a theater, the library, Pioneer Courthouse Square, and the Pioneer Place mall, all on foot. I then walked out of downtown across the Morrison (no longer so dangerous for walkers thanks to a now-widened and protected sidewalk; before that, drivers had killed people and dogs on that bridge), over to the Super Pod where Big-Ass Sandwiches is, over to Cartopia (SE 12th and Hawthorne) where the main location of Pyro Pizza is, then home. No buses at all, and so no tickets used today. More for later!

(Also the coffee and food I bought along the way, I bought with gift money from the folks, and my movie theater trip -- more on that in a bit -- was paid for with a Regal Cinemas pass. Yay alternate sources of funds!)

The lucky thing's been that after I'd bought just some tickets, not a whole bus pass, I got the temp job that's a 15 minutes' walk away from my apartment. Suddenly the big reason for my bus trips is, for now, gone. Not how I'd planned it -- I'd figured I'd still be working this month at the bindery, and I need bus transportation to get there most of the time -- but I and my budget are glad.

Let's see how long this works.