March 6th, 2013

Whale fluke


Mornings now are...different. There's more time in them when your job starts at 12:30 p.m. instead of (like it did for most of last year) 7 a.m. So to adapt to that, I've been going to bed later and wondering: set the alarm for a time in the morning? Not set it? And how late is a good time (I almost wrote "the right time," but that's likely too subjective) to set an alarm for? And will my body want to sleep in? I'm still retraining myself to sleep in because of this job.

(One factor: I have a sleep mask. But the last few times I've worn it, I've awakened later to find I've either taken it off or knocked it off. Idea; maybe if I wake up at like 4:00 or 5:00, pre-dawn in other words, I could put it on then... Would that work? It's worth a try.)

Is the bed too warm? For a few days it was; last night I removed the thickest blanket and that seemed to help me be more comfortable. Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements are a special kind of annoying, of course. Now I'll see if I really am more comfortable, and more rested.

I had to remind myself that, now that I have the luxury of more time in the morning, it helps me to go for a quick walk. I did that Monday, a bright and gorgeous (and 31-degree) day. I didn't yesterday, a rainy morning. I did this morning, a light-drizzle day. I walked carefully near the traffic -- more traffic on SE Milwaukie than usual -- but reminded myself by doing so that morning walking's a good idea. I can always bundle up if it's cold or wet; the getting out in the fresh air, and knowing there's sun either in the sky or behind the clouds, helps.

I'll be honest: yesterday morning was a flat morning. I felt like a lump, unmotivated; one consequence was that I didn't eat enough, and when I realized I didn't feel motivated to make more food before work that day, I punted and went to work early: 15 minutes away and it has a decent cafeteria. I bought soup for "breakfast" (at noon, but still) and a salad for "lunch" (after 4:30, but still) and felt better after getting food into me. But feeding myself, here: better. And cheaper. And keeps me more active, which was my problem yesterday, not doing enough.

I'm working (as always) to feel better. I'm trying to pay attention to what's working and what's not. That's partly why I'm doing a new job. (And I'm trying to be aware about what my potentially developing bad habits at the job seem to be, so I can nip those in the bud before I make them an issue. I want to do this job well.)

Better. It's a goal.
Thumbs Up Vader


For a certain value of "Better." That's how today was.

[Insert cliché about attitude affecting altitude]

And it's good I handled the day and the job well, because (no details, but) I had some involved calls. But I also can find out the answers -- well, most of them, at least -- to people's questions and I have leeway to offer solutions to people who have problems. Had I been dealing with those calls while having my kind of flat day Tuesday, that all would've been harder.

I have a lot to learn. I saw some of my stats so I have evidence of that. But the learning curve seems climable.