March 15th, 2013

Oregon Coast 1

She was Erin Bennett. She was redscorner. I wish I could say "She is Erin Bennett."

Dammit. One less record of someone.

This morning I saw that LiveJournal had switched my profile page (and all y'all's profile pages) to a new format, one I didn't like when I first saw. I'll get used to it, same as all the other tweaks since 2004 when I joined, but I also noticed that a name I'd intentionally kept in my Friends feed -- even though the account associated with that name no longer exists -- was no longer listed. 151 friends, instead of 150.

redscorner was that person. Her name was Erin. She died in 2009; before that, she'd been been through huge health problems and deeply, deeply draining internet drama as she tried to find unorthodox ways to fund her treatment. I never met her in person, but she and I had online dealings when she still wanted to get online; eventually she stopped being online most places, including LJ, partly due to Too Much Drama. After she passed away, I attended her memorial. That was the closest I ever got to her.

I try to think of Erin when I can. I wanted -- no, want -- that reminder. OK, Chris, try to remember her without that little prompt LJ used to let you keep...
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