March 28th, 2013


Sorry, spider

Maybe after they get to a certain size* I wouldn't like them, but generally I like spiders. If I see them, I wave at them. They're there to help, by eating smaller creatures. Flies and other little bugs can annoy me; let the spiders, which don't annoy me, get food, right?

And I felt this so much that last week, when I found and killed teeny tiny bugs in my apartment, I left the bodies of the teeny tiny bugs on a window ledge in the room** where I'd last seen a spider. Want food, spider? Here's some!

That was last week. Maybe the spider had died in the meantime, or the spider had moved on, or the spider wasn't interested in non-moving prey, because the little bug bodies were still there. I picked them up and threw them out.

And, obviously, I don't really know that much about spiders. Somewhere, spider mother*** aoniedesade is shaking her head.

If I ever had a real pet spider, I'll learn more! More than Chris Quinn learned about caring for his pet ant...

* Like larger than my hand, maybe.

** Room not named, in deference to those of you who don't want to know where spiders could be.

*** Well, spider caretaker really. Spider mother implies something else if you think of it the way I'd think of it.
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So that's what I was doing on June 11th, 1993 at 8:26 p.m.

Buying a book. I know because this morning I was reading a book and a receipt fell out. Multiple readings of it and that receipt had somehow stayed in that book for NEARLY TWENTY YEARS.

The book? Life Before and After Monty Python: the Solo Flights of the Flying Circus, by Kim "Howard" Johnson, and published 1993, when I ws already several years into my Monty Python appreciation.

I got it from a Waldenbooks. I wonder if I was back on the East Coast at the time -- I would've just ended my freshman year of college. (In fact, that was only a few months after my bout of chicken pox that walloped me that spring...and not too long after this thing I told you about happened.) I'm having trouble remembering if Waldenbooks was on the West Coast at the time, or if it didn't get over there until Border's (which KMart of all places bought and merged with Waldenbooks) got bigger.

This might not even be the longest I've ever kept a receipt. Pack rat, remember. (Yes, I think I'm again entering a Please oh please have less stuff phase.)