April 17th, 2013

Whale fluke

I imagine (literally) the Taj Mahal's a nice place

Last night's last dream was me visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra, and being impressed by this most famous monument to love. Of course, the dream-Taj Mahal I explored was almost purely my creation; I know almost nothing about it. I don't know how much of it can be seen. I don't know how much of it there is to see. The real Taj Mahal probably doesn't have a giant public room inside it with a giant, if severe, public bed where you're allowed to lie down, but dream-Taj Mahal did, and I did indeed lie down on it. I only know it's in Agra because Agra is a popular word for crossword puzzle writers to use, like "epee."

But the dream made me think about love, and beauty, and also about my friend theloriest, who's been to India. I like thinking about love, beauty, and Lori.

I'll keep my version of the Taj Mahal, at least for now. Sometime I'll learn more about the real place, and I'll know more then. But I'm fine with what my dream-mind invented.
NCC-1701 Nebula 2

More of the Good

Like most bloggers, I've posted about difficult things: attacks, disasters, troubled endings, losses, sadness. And then there's this issue: what do you post about next? Because I've always posted again eventually. And I never want the next post to be something jarring in the wake of the difficult thing. I don't want to be the reader of Dan Savage's who sent him some wacky sex-related question a couple of hours after the attacks of 9/11; Savage, righteously in my opinion, ripped into the reader because DAMMIT, SOMETHING HUGE AND HORRIBLE HAD JUST HAPPENED AND WE NEEDED TO PROCESS IT. To be thoughtful about it. To not change the subject.

It can be an art, changing the subject. Sometimes it has to be done carefully. But, overall, I want this blog to be a positive place about positive things. I do my best to be thoughtful about what's sad, but I do want to steer this blog back to what makes me happy.

I'm glad to say I have a chance to do that. THE READING FRENZY KICKSTARTER FUNDRAISER IS NOW 100% FUNDED.

It made its goal yesterday and is now at 102% funded. Some of that's mine: also, I upped my pledge slightly as the campaign went on. Some of that's from up-and-coming good author and good guy Joe Hill, who has no direct connection with Portland but heard of it and wanted the store to be able to come back. The fundraiser -- needed after the store's landlord kicked the store out of the location after it had been there for 17 years -- will pay for the store to reopen elsewhere in Portland, in a bigger space, and expand its publishing efforts. WHICH WILL NOW HAPPEN.

Something good happened. Thank you, everyone who helped.

What will the next good thing be? I hope to blog about it.