April 26th, 2013

I listen

More Foo in my diet

I try to catch up. Really. But I'll never be "caught up" musically, because so much good stuff's come out. How much Pink Floyd have I not listened to yet? How much Bowie? How much, to tie it into today's loss of a well-known person, George Jones?

It's in the spirit of catching up that in the past few weeks I've finally, finally, in a concerted fashion, been borrowing from the library CDs by the Foo Fighters.

The band's been on my radar since my 1995 trip to Los Angeles, seeing the ads in front of Tower Records for the band's first album. An album that includes lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Dave Grohl singing "I'll stick around, I'll stick around..." Which he did. Which is likely why I can still remember those ads 18 years ago.

Grohl likely has songwriting talent on par with Kurt Cobain, minus the suicidal depression that took Cobain from us too f'ing soon. So Grohl has had more of a chance to show that. And to show his enthusiasm about most everything: drumming, cover songs (his "Band on the Run" is amazing and makes that song almost become hard rock), and connecting with fans and others. People I've heard from who've met Grohl consistently mention his joy in what he does. (I love that after Grohl had decided one particular album was less than his best, he made a point of doing an album that a) he felt was better, b) was two CDs' long, and c) was sold at single-disc price.) And now I'm getting more of a taste of that.

The Multnomah County Library doesn't have every Foo Fighters album, but it has a decent chunk of them. I started with the 1995 debut and then spent a couple of weeks grooving to 1999's There Is Nothing Left To Lose. That goes back to the library today: 2002's One By One awaits for me to pick up. I'M UNDERSTANDING IT MORE. And grooving to good rock more.