May 8th, 2013

Star Wars - Fly away...

I think I needed that...

...which was this: write an entry, look at it, know that I've gotten the words and thoughts down that I think I needed to get down...and then erase it and post this instead.
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Whale fluke

A Basic Life

Once, half as a joke, I wrote "Read my blog! It's the interesting kind of boring!" (If I remember correctly, I wrote that for docbrite. If I did, I hope I amused him.) That honestly seems like a good goal: I've rarely had an exciting life, before or after the time over nine years ago that I set up my account here, but I can at least have exciting thoughts. I try to. And sometimes I think these thoughts are good enough that I tag them (self-servingly, but I don't mind) as entries I find particularly worthwhile. Heck, it's a nice little ego boost, occasionally going through entries and deciding Yeah: that's worth tagging for Creme de la Chris.

But my life, especially lately, boils down to: rest, food, work, reading. Not really going out much, except for errands. (Last week it made sense due to timing for me to drive and get gas before work. I actually felt a little guilty for doing a one-errand road trip.) And I'm intentionally limiting how much I blog about work, and if that's the main thing on my mind at the moment, I have fewer things on my mind that make me go Must blog that!

But I miss being more in-depth here. Also, I worry about repeating myself: 6,000-plus entries and that could happen. Am I building on my thoughts or just repeating them? Am I falling back on my basic writing tics and little jokes? MUST STRETCH. And get the thoughts out of my head and into written form, where I can do more with them.

I'm still reading, y'all, and hoping you're coping with life's craziness as well as possible. And if you're still reading, thank you. I want to stay worth reading.

(Still alive...still alive...still alive...)