May 21st, 2013


My Usual Useful

Come Saturday, early, I'll be making a delayed blood donation.

I had a relatively rare, for me, case of the me-no-wannas about donating blood when I became eligible again, back on May 4th. I just didn't want to, not yet. This morning I finally -- sounds dramatic, using "finally" there -- set up an appointment. Next Saturday morning, my usual donation spot at the Red Cross in North Portland. I can consider it fitting that I donate next to Emanual Hospital, where I was born 40 years ago*, though really that's just a coincidence of placement.

It feels good to set up that appointment. And not to have waited too long. Since I started donating regularly in fall 2003, I've at times gone six months in between donations. I don't want to wait that long anymore. I feel I should be making up for the years I could have donated but couldn't be arsed to do so**. In the 1990s I donated maybe twice. Clean-living college student and later needing to be an upstanding citizen because I was a small-town newspaper writer-reporter; I could've been a good example! And I could've been more useful!

This is one of my main ways to be useful.

I want to include a shout-out to Laura Anna Gilman (suricattus), whose setting up of her own blood donation appointment was the extra goad I used to get myself to talk to the Red Cross today. She's O-Positive, I'm O-Negative. She's also a good, fun writer. (She was moved by the damage from the Oklahoma tornado t donate. She also rounded up a list of good places to donate money to, including something I'd never thought of but which makes sense.)

* I''m getting myself used to saying that.

** Am I allowed to say "arsed"?