May 30th, 2013

Star Wars - Fly away...

Dream-Me Searched...

...over hill and dale, through forests and hills and a military parking garage (beats me), yet never, EVER found his target. But Dream-Me was sure the Iron Giant was out there somewhere.

It was a pretty dream, I'll grant that. Plus it meant I slept. (Though I woke up with my radio still on, fairly loud, at 4:30 or so. Damn it, Me. Was I sleeping deeply enough during that? Though it's worse when I fall asleep with my bedside lamp still on.)

Maybe this dream is the most oblique sign yet I should see Man Of Steel.
Whale fluke

Yay smarter people!

As busy as today was at work, I'm relieved to say it wasn't as headache-causing as yesterday, which inspired this. (I actually brought pain killer today, because yesterday did give me a headache, but I didn't need it. Today.)

That said, it's time to relax and have burritos. Yes, plural.