June 19th, 2013

Captain Kris W'lash

Benign neglect: sometimes it WORKS

My home internet went down. Nearly two weeks ago.

I procrasinated like a boss -- the world's least engaged boss -- about getting in touch with my provider to find out what was wrong and what I needed to do to fix it. Having it not work was frustrating, and I already was feeling out of sorts about other things -- maybe watching too much The Walking Dead over the past month wasn't the best thing for my mood -- and I kept Not Wanting To Deal With It. So I was getting online via my iPad, elsewhere.

This morning I finally told myself dammit, I need to do SOMETHING about this, at least find out what's wrong and if I can't fix it one way, it can be fixed another way so, again: SOMETHING. I had the number for tech support, and I turned on the computer, and to be absolutely sure I could describe the error I tried getting online again. It worked.


So I guess waiting for this whatever-problem to solve itself, this time, worked. This time.

By the way, I realized part of my hangup that kept me from even getting this far in figuring out why my home interent wasn't working: I was worried that when I called customer service, I'd be a bad customer. Unhelpful, talking over the customer service rep, forgetting some key detail, being out of sorts -- you know, unhelpful. I want to be better than that. I was worried I wouldn't.

What a terrible standard, Chris, to be NICE TO PEOPLE WHO HELP YOU.