June 30th, 2013


Mediocre Bands

  • Moldplay
  • AD/HD
  • The Bestie Boys
  • Led Balloon
  • The Handy Warhols
  • Bloom County's metal band Breathtöngue
  • Sloth (they were going to write about Tom Sawyer, but never got around to it)
  • Maguire Straits
  • Ex-Tea Sea (someone -- tinhuviel? -- just said "Dear God, indeed")
  • Un.
  • Hugging Molly
  • Pawn (with such hits as "Eh, a Kinda Magic," "Under-Pleasured," and "We Aren't the Champions")
  • Susie and the Antsy
  • Death Cabriolet (a steampunk group)
  • The Smashing Bumpkins
  • Ur
  • Whale fluke

    A wedding. That's the ONE reason I'd be willing to wear a tie on a hot day like today.

    That was MY kind of wedding.

    The wedding invite quoted from The Corpse Bride and the cake had Jack and Sally (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) figurines. The food was catered Chinese. There was beer. The processional briefly included Europe's "The Final Countdown." The sun on the ceremony was bright and hot but we guests could hide out first in the air-conditioned Overlook House in North Portland then sit for dinner in an area that was shaded. The house is on a bluff above one of Portland's larger rail yards, but I live next to another of Portland's big rail yards and I don't mind the sound of large things banging.

    It was also my kind of wedding in that people had a good time and had a sense of humor and the bride and groom DIDN'T shove the cake into each others' face. I've come to HATE that. Just seems harsh, not funny. I know, I'm a killjoy...except no, I'm not. This wedding is the first time I've ever dance Gangnam Style, because a 6-year-old girl attending the wedding wanted us to.* Is that the act of a killjoy? I ASK YOU NOW.

    It was the wedding of my friends Honor Cox and Jean (the French pronunciation) LaVaque, who I've known for a couple of years -- we met at a bar trivia night of all things. They'd met -- I am not making this up -- 12 years ago. They've been a couple for that long, and all sorts of circumstances I'm not privy to led to them being unmarried but a couple since then.

    (Last week I'd mentioned to a co-worker that Honor and Jean hadn't been able to marry until now, and the co-worker asked if Honor and Jean were a gay couple. No, there was a lot more planning to this wedding than any allowed by last weeks' Supreme Court ruling would have had.)

    I was well-behaved. I didn't hit on the bridesmaids: one of them's engaged and another one is Honor's teenaged daughter. Not exactly a target-rich environment, unless I'm awful. And Honor and Jean would very much let me know if I ever was awful.

    Honor and Jean's vows were heartfelt and funny. So were the toasts, which were also quick and to-the-points (including one by Honor's aforementioned daughter -- good for your first time! -- and one by Jean's son). And the guests felt good about having fun, which included a photo booth. There was kissing in the photo booth. I have photo proof. *grins*

    The last dance was to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin," and when Honor and Jean walked out of the house and down the sidewalk to the car at the end, we made a corridor for them to walk down. We also held sparklers. I've probably not held a sparkler since early-Eighties Fourth of Julys in Virginia Beach. Yay sparklers!

    And yay Honor and Jean's marriage!

    * Trivia: Until tonight, I'd NEVER heard the entire, unadulterated "Gangnam Style" -- just quick snippets on news reports and a mash-up with another song.