July 20th, 2013

Blow My Mind

In and Out and Out of It

Yeah, body. Not being able to sleep on a night when I really want to catch up on sleep: ha ha. Funny. Or maybe that's "unny," which is "not-funny."

I tried to be good. I really did. Got in bed and read as I wound down. And I really felt like I was ready to sleep when I put my book down and turned off the light. My body had other ideas.

And when actual sleep did happen, the dreams sometimes, um, didn't help. Some neat imagery, but also at one time a very vivid image of being in my dream-apartment bathroom and realizing there was a significant leak of dream-water. Realistic enough to make me worry that it was really happening before I could tell myself, No, THAT'S a dream, too. Get back to the neat imagery, please.

I'm glad I decided to take it deeply easy this weekend, partly to make up for the expenses of last weekend and partly to re-gather my energy. Do cheap stuff, read, watch the rest of season 3 of Justified -- holy crap does it make me glad that I'm not a) involved in crime or b) an addict -- and, maybe, just maybe, nap. If my body and circumstances will let me.