July 29th, 2013

Sally Salt Disgusted

Stuff's funnier when your brain's cooking.

I worked for half an hour today before I decided that I wasn't feeling up to working and might be getting a little sick (mainly feeling on the verge of a fever, and also a little wobbly plus trouble concentrating). So I cut bait and headed home, to do my best to avoid not getting a lot sick.

Considering yesterday I was around kids, I've emailed the family to let them know (paraphrased) "You might want to watch for anything that looks like sickess. Sorry." Maybe I'm Patient Zero, after all. Which made this go through my mind as I walked home: "Vector? I barely knew her." (In a Rick Emerson Show in-joke, I hear the second line of that in a deadpan computer voice.)

I'll do a little more computer stuff, then get offline and watch the Disney film Tangled, on account of I hear it's light and funny.