August 11th, 2013


Still relaxed. Productive, even.

On-and-off napping all this morning? Done!

Also? Taking it easy? Done! At least I feel like I did:

I succeeded at having a quiet, do-whatever day today, after a week of overtime at work and overall long days. Stayed home for much of Sunday's first half: finished reading one book, finished re-reading another, and did one last listen of a CD I needed to return to the library. I did some of this in bed. That's exactly how I wanted to do so.

Then showering, clothing and driving happened. And before I reached the library, I lucked into getting for the first time to go onto Goat Field, where a herd of pygmy goats gets to eat the grass, and people get to see and visit them. I've watched them before from outside the fence; today I was briefly let in. I waved at goats! Maybe another time I'll be brave and bold enough to pet them.

Driving included, as I'd considered doing last Sunday before I wound up with a mission instead, getting north. Why not drive? I let myself do so sometimes just for the sake of driving. And traffic across the Interstate Bridge wasn't jammed, so I went up to Vancouver, WA. I mainly recognized one park as a place where a bit of an episode of Leverage was shot (the show sometimes went across to Vancouver), but my main destination was the north shore of the Columbia. Sat for a bit, reading a book and watching the water, boats, fellow visitors, and occasional planes out of PDX.

Having been reminded that Vancouver, WA exists, I headed south again, stopping at Janzten Beach (really incomplete website here; Wikipedia page with history and stuff here) and confirming that the indoor mall there is no more. A new building with outward-facing stores is up in its place, and the big box stores that ringed the old shopping center are still there. Not known by me yet: what'll happen to the dismantled carousel that was in the indoor part of the shopping center for decades, and which I rode, as a kid and as an adult.

Treat-food happened next, fried halibut tacos at the Jantzen Beach Stanford's...well, taco, singular, because the one taco plus my salad filled me up so I took the two other tacos home in a to-go box. Then grocery shopping, because I am just that exciting.