August 23rd, 2013

Whale fluke

Tired mind. Here's a sign.

After I dragged myself awake this morning, I thought about the trouble I had last night getting to sleep in the first place -- it was a night where I was tired and ready to drift off until I turned off the light, argh -- and I wanted to say I slept like crap. Then I thought Wait: how would crap sleep? And my mind started riffing on that.

I will keep that to myself. You don't want to know what my mind was coming up with. All I'll say: "Slept like crap" is kind of an odd simile.

Life has mainly been focused on work -- which I try not to talk about online at the moment -- and thinking, with errands and books. Really not much to report. If that makes you say "crap," well, why does it make you think about crap?

Have a day where crap is only in its place, and not anywhere else.