August 25th, 2013


"Yeah, I never threw a fan down an elevator shaft. Otherwise I’d be in prison."

Because his graphic novel 7 Against Chaos is out now, and because it can be fun when he speaks, Harlan Ellison gets interviewed by Salon.

Cool: I recognize the idea for 7 Against Chaos: Ellison presented a version of it in the Seventies as his idea for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I also like having confirmation that he wrote his 1993 novel Mefisto in Onyx with the hope that if it got made into a movie (it almost did), it would've starred Forest Whitaker.

Anyway. Ellison words, on Ellison's favorite subject. And those words include these, on his impressive wife Susan Toth Ellison:

She is the morning sun and the evening moon. I, who am the hardest creature on the planet to live with: irrational, capricious, ah, multi-mooded and self-involved to a truly agonizing depth… She supports me, uplifts me, enriches me, informs me, and keeps me sane. She is the reason, truly at core, that you are talking to me today. And gorgeous beyond belief.