September 5th, 2013

NCC-1701 Nebula 2

And the sound of the recycling truck echoes past my ears

The brake sound of the recycling trucks that go through my neighborhood Thursday mornings is a comfortable kind of sound.

Those trucks' brakes don't quite sound like most other brakes I usually hear. They drift a little closer to beign musical than most brakes. It's two notes, to be exact, at least to my hearing. And it's a usually quiet neighborhood, so it's not competing with much noise. Yes, there's train noise from the Brooklyn Rail Yards several blocks over, but from this distance that's not a constant noise. It adds to the noise flavor. As do the trucks.

This is about as much thought as I'm capable of right now. Slightly wearying day and night, yesterday, plus dreams that unsettled and saddened me a bit. So, now, I do my best to absorb calm. Which partially, somehow, comes from truck brakes.
Whale fluke

It's a lucky thing...

...that some of my job can be done with me off of the phone.

(Hi, I'm posting from lunch. Hm. Put that way, lunch seems like A Place...)

I asked for an off-the-phone assignment today, because I realized I was cranky and impatient...and I felt I was starting to take it out on customers. Bad idea. I'm glad to say I'm getting to do the off-the-phones thing. At least for now.

Get my non-crankiness back, Chris...

More! 10:05 p.m. Edition: Home from it. I should add that today's call volume was far down compared to the past, oh, two weeks, so I felt OK about asking to stay off the phones. I'd've toughed it out if we had been swamped, and probably be really wiped out by now, but I still seem to be thinking semi-coherently. WIN.