September 18th, 2013

Me 3

Stuff. And Things. And Goats. And Food. And Stuff.

It's not just been work and goat-visiting I've been up to, y'all. I already told you my weekend included the late-night trivia night-slash-karaoke night-slash-birthday party Saturday. Sunday was a family visit: my folks came up to see me before they spend a few weeks on the East Coast, for a wedding and other nice things. We talked about my early plans for the move I'll do soon, they made suggestions, then we drove to see things worth seeing. I made sure that we left the neighborhood via the new bridge for SE 17th Ave. over Powell; the bridge was completely rebuilt to accomodate the tracks for the MAX line coming in 2015. This actually won't increase the rail traffic in this neighborhood all that much, because of the train tracks (in and out of a big-ass rail yard) right next to the MAX tracks; and MAX is quieter than trains, too.

An easy trip north of that got us to what's now called Goat Field, and the three of us got to meet the goats, including Precious and Clover, the kids that were born two Sundays before. We also met Duke, the rooster that was abandoned on the lot several weeks ago and has been allowed to stay. Duke ran along the SE 11th fence, chasing people who were also running along the sidewalk next to the fence. You want your chicken to get a good workout, right?

Lunch happened, at Beulahland so I could show the parents one of my haunts. (For about two seconds that morning, I considered suggesting we eat at My Father's Place, but thought that bar might scare them. It's that dark in there? What are they hiding? I spent more time being amused by the idea than I did seriously considering it.) Eating next to a Edward Gorey Gashlycrumb Tinies print and an '80s-era Gorbachev propaganda poster, we talked. We're good at talking.

By my standards, it was a pretty busy weekend -- to the point that I felt pretty wiped out Sunday night. I wasn't even out of bed Monday morning until 9:30; I'm lucky I have room in my morning schedule right now to allow that. Managed to work, because paying for things is good, and got to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Then more productivity! Related to prepping for the move! Tuesday morning I dropped off computer components at Free Geek, because they can make better use of them than I can and it means less unused stuff in my apartment. And because I know neat people in Portland, my next stop was to the home of a guy I know who builds superhero costumes; I had a bike helmet that I no longer trust to use as a bike helmet because it's old (plus I've yet to get a bike -- I know, Bad Portlander), but it can be repurposed as a superhero's headgear. Or maybe a supervillain's. I'll let Benja (the guy I dropped the helmet off with) figure that out.