October 17th, 2013

Berthold Run


Whatever decision you make will be the wrong one.

Yeah, mind, thinking stuff like that? Not helping.

Hi. I feel stuck, tired, and not wanting to make certain decisions.

And I need to get the fuck over it.

Really, I don't need to be more specific than that.

Carry on.
iAm iSaid

Reverse Engineering

Over on Facebook, popfiend and others (and me!) have been discussing song lyrics that make no sense. Made me think of Phil Collins's "Su-su-sudio," a line that was never MEANT to make sense, because it was a nonsense sound place-holder for lyrics that never came. (What five syllables would you have written in this?: "Theres a girl that's been on my mind, all the time, _____________________" Can't think of anything, right? So don't get on Collins's case for not finding the right words, either.)

Just as we don't know the true exact meaning of what it is to Wang Chung tonight, we never figured out a meaning for "Sussudio." But today it hit me.

Star Trek.

There could've been an alien race called the Sussudio on Next Generation. It came out only a few years later, and it could've explained so much! Phil Collins could've been predicting the future! At least the future as seen on Star Trek.

There. I've explained something. It's a skill.