October 19th, 2013

Me 2 (B&W)

Rest for the wicked

...yes, I'll let myself use that title.

So yeah, I took Friday off as a sick day. Don't try to make me feel bad about it; you know I'm not the type to only pretend to call in sick. And I'm glad I could use my energy yesterday to be sure I stayed un-sick. Definitely felt better by day's end; feel better, still, this morning.

I felt especially cocooned yesterday, so now that I'm feeling better? I'll try to do something non-cocooned. Get out! Though I'll be too late to see the fog. Thanks for photographing it, rest of online-Portland.

Be good. And if you can't be good, at least be healthy!
NCC-1701 Regula

"It's a hell of a story..."

I was ugly-crying during the climax of "Gravity."

I think that's all the review of it I want to do.

Well done, Alfonso Cuaron and your crew. Well done.

Edit: I'll be cautious and add that something I say in the comments could be considered a spoiler. Maybe not, but that's why I'm calling it "cautious."

Flavored Calories.

Mm, mm, mm, toasty

After Gravity, I was getting a toasted bagel at Starbucks (oh, hush, it was cheap and filling), and the barista pretended that he wasn't sure how much to toast it. I first said "Toast it whatever," then I added "Not charred. A Cajun Bagel is not a thing."

We both chuckled.