October 20th, 2013

I listen

A pro-kid song

"Just Because We're Kids" (Download MP3)
Sung by Billy Burnette. Writer Unknown
From the "Just Because We're Kids" Single (1964)
Lyric Source: Repeated listenings, mistakes possible

Just because we're kids
Because we're kind of small
Because we're closer to the ground
And you're much bigger pound for pound
You got no right
You got no right
To boss and shove us little kids around

Just because your throat
Has got a deeper voice
With lots of wind to push it out
At little kids who don't dare shout
You got no right
You got no right
To boss and shove us little kids around

Just because you've got whiskers on your face to shave
You treat us like a slave
So what? That's only hair
And because you got a wallet near your heart
You think you're twice as smart
You know, that isn't fair

But we'll grow up some day
And when we do, I pray
We won't just grow in size and sound
Or just get bigger pound for pound
'Cause I'd hate to grow
Like some adults I know
Who boss and shove us little kids around
Just because we're kids

-- heard by me this morning on the radio show Greasy Kid Stuff (rendition played wa ssung by Tommy Rettig) (lyrics here)
Cartoon Chris

100% Me

Mine is a family where, if we're sick (or sick-ish), we'll say that we're "not 100%." It partly comes from watching lots of sports. It's not from playing, say, first-person shooters or other role-playing computer games: my family only barely got into that. (We, Dad included, did get kind of a kick out of Duke Nukem when it first came out, but that was really it.) It's handy shorthand for "I don't feel good."

Physically, I feel 100% again. Friday, I felt -- I'm not sure what percentage I felt, but it wasn't 100%. It wasn't 50%, either; I've never had to codify percentages of sick. It's always been enough to say "I'm not 100%"; it conveys the point. I've also never had to use the "how bad is the pain on a scale of 1 to 10," either; I may never even have seen that until I was visiting my grandma Jean in the hospital circa 2003.

I've never been, shall we say, threateningly sick. I've had nothing that risked killing me. Pneumonia in the mid-80s in Virginia Beach; chicken pox in early 1993; and, otherwise, it's been the fevers, colds and occasional vomiting that visit all of us. And I can say that I've never vomited from drinking; heck, I've still yet to have a hangover. My body has had other reasons to reject the contents of my stomach.

It hasn't needed to reject such stuff lately. Good, because I don't like waste.

I'm glad I don't have to be exact about being sick. I'm glad I knew enough Friday to take a day, which turned out to be a needed day.

Because I'd like to aim to be 106% well, the way the space shuttle engines were rated to run.