November 18th, 2013

iAm iSaid

It's not just THESE dreams that go on when I close my eyes

Dreams last night involved me checking Google Maps for a safe way home and Google Maps telling me to drive through a bar. Literally. With Street View even showing the inside of the bar. I didn't go home that way. No Blues Brothers shenanigans happened.

Also, both the apartment building where I live and a restaurant where I was during the dream needed to accommodate more people...which meant cots in the apartment hallways and among the restaurant tables. Hoping I won't ever need a cot that badly...

I made this!

Oh and hey, this weekend I did what a lot of you have done and wrote a short story. And even finished and posted it!

And yes, it's based on Spaceballs. It made me laugh ("Hey, it made ME laugh" will probably be on my tombstone) and maybe it'll make you laugh, too.
Good Omens

Sneezed to Death

First I wondered: "Did dinosaurs have allergies?"

Then I asked online, and an acquaintance said "Yes, meteor. (Too soon?)"

And then I imagined: all that dust. Dust (from an explosion that leveled at least 9,500 square miles) filling the skies...and deep dinosaur sinuses for it to get into. Tyrannosaurus Rexes sneezing epic sneezes. Diplodocuses knocking their heads (on their long, long necks) painfully against trees or the ground. SUCH AN UNDIGNIFIED WAY TO GO.

That's it. The dinosaurs died of embarrassment.

The mammals, of course, survived, but were too focused on surviving the cold to do the earliest ever Nelson Muntz "Ha-ha!" But I kind of want to imagine that they still did.

(...getting science wrong is fun.)