November 20th, 2013


It's really tough not to have double entendres in this

Vivid, involved dreams. You may know from reading my blog, I've had those for decades. They're my norm. I accept that. I still can be surprised at what they're vivid about -- like how in my dreams last night, I ran into a performance. A performance where a guy was at a Portland (it was definitely meant to be Portland) food cart pod doing a stand-up comedy set...while he and an attractive person leaned against one of those carts, having sex.

He gave a good set, even, making us laugh so we're not as focused on how he was telling jokes while he and an atttractive person were screwing next to a trailer. He and she had the minimum amount of clothing removed to be able to have sex, and that somehow got around how authorities really would prefer that people not fuck in public. It happened, we watched, we laughed, we applauded, no one got arrested. And we went on with our lives.

(I'm being vague partly because, um, possibly I'm admitting too much here, but I know the woman who was involved in the, well, act and spoke with her briefly before she and he performed. And hey, you can imagine whoever you want to see having sex with a funny someone.)

And then there was an article about it. I found a newspaper lying around at the pod and read about how this was a regular thing -- for the comedian or the pod, I couldn't tell you. Also, it was an accepted thing. Which kind of warms this pervert's heart.

The "non-sexy times" parts of my dream happened, too, because unlike what some psychiatrists might say, not everything is about sex. I'm hoping the other part of the dream where I was exploring a multi-level garage full of cars getting repaired had nothing to do with sex.