December 7th, 2013

NCC-1701 Nebula 1

Heaven-sent: the Moon

Huh. I missed the Moon.

Because I walk home from work five nights a week, and I don't have much traffic between me and the apartment, I have lots of time to see the sky. The clear, letting-the-heat-escape skies we've been having this cold snap show a few stars and planets, but the moon's been hiding. Nothing but shadow.

I didn't see it again until tonight. There was its crescent, taking up a little more sky real estate. A sign of warmth, if only from the sun below (well below) the horizon. It wasn't until I'd reached Beaverton tonight, taking my sweet time to get to the Cedar Hills Crossing movie theater so I could join my friend Heather at the movie "Catching Fire," that I got to see it. I was gladdened to see it.

I know, it's not an event. If the moon disappeared, for any reason other than "shadow" or "David Blaine," THAT would be the biggest event in human history since humans. But! I take comfort in its being up there, being all reflective and covered with cool mountains and lots of dust. Hi, Moon. Keep doing your job.

I'm also pleased to report, in non-Moon news, that "Catching Fire" indeed improves on the already pretty solid first film "The Hunger Games." I did sort of miss Haymitch explaining how HE survived his Hunger Games back in the day -- all sorts of ways to show that's a twisted, twisted world that would've spawned games like those, and of course a novel can show more of those than a film -- but this film works as a tough emotional journey that's not afraid to show how much damage our heroes are living through. Strong film.

Maybe I'll have more "Catching Fire" thoughts after I'm not thinking so much about missing the Moon.