December 14th, 2013

Summer Me

Sex and Violence

What I should've realized long, long ago:

If World Wrestling Entertainment's Vince McMahon could get away with working porn into wrestling, he would.

Hey, the show's already worked its wrestlers' love lives and sex lives into the storylines.

This thought inspired by how the upcoming 30th anniversary WrestleMania will be called WrestleMania XXX.

One really quick "The Hobbit" thought

It's a deeply good thing that instead of being creeped out by them, I find spiders really neat.

Still, for the spider-phobic, there's about 15 minutes of the movie, some 20 minutes in, where you'll want to take an extended restroom break.

I'm glad I treated myself to the film tonight, and at the remodeled Bagdad to boot. Big, big, BIG screen. Definite difference.