December 20th, 2013

TNG Darmok

Download My Mind

Speaking of my brain...

Dreams were dreamt, as they're wont to do. As I was experiencing what is a recurring scenario in my dreams -- and it's full of details only interesting to me, so I won't share them -- I also got thinking of articles that I know (or at least that my dream-self knew) are being written right now. I wanted to read those articles. I wanted to read them right then. Basically, I expected those articles to get finished then immediately downloaded into my head, like I was jacked into the Matrix.

(Actual in-depth articles, too, not those Buzzfeed lists or Upworthy video clips. Heck, I even know who was writing the articles I wanted to read.)

Dream-Chris? Reading doesn't work that way. But it made sense to Dream-Chris at the time.
Sally Salt Disgusted

Well, that was a week.

In the wilds of retail, call center customer service is at least removed from in-person, in-your-face weirdness and difficulty. This makes me glad I don't work customer service in person. (Bobbie Winchell is impressively good at it; she runs the Thrift Store for Cat Adoption Team. Reminds me: I should drop off a little more stuff there.) But as I got to the end of this day at the end of this week less than one more week before Christmas, I kept myself afloat mentally by earworming myself with Camper Van Beethoven's "Take the Skinheads Bowling." I needed that leeeeeeetle touch of madness. Because otherwise my mind would've been repeating on endless loop maybe my favorite line from Aliens, when Ellen Ripley says "Did IQs just DROP sharply while I was away?"

I don't really have anything to add to this. Except that the leeeeeeetle touch of madness I'm now getting as I wind down at home is the soothing oddness (trust me, for me it's true) of Kate Bush's compilation The Whole Story.