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December 31st, 2013

Profound, or...MOST profound?

Me: Is there ever a time when you don't NEED to laugh?

Christian Lipski: While you are laughing.

How Soon Is Now?

Now. What is Now? In a completely logical world, Now would be 24 different times, but with the nations with time zones 30 minutes or 45 minutes off -- let's see -- there's at least 33 different time zones.

I won't make my own. I'm not that contrary.

But! Your own personal Time Zone. Your time, your rules, and people adjust to it (ideally with flourish, maybe saying "Synchronize Swatches!") if they wish to know you. Your own private Now.

Except wait, we all already have that. To be tautological, Now is Now.

(I haven't been drinking. I swear. Would I use a word like "tautological" if I were?)

So. Now is here. It, thank everything, is not going away. What will you do with Now?

What will I do?