February 3rd, 2014

Clay. Bill...Clay.

Pro Tip:

If the very first sentence out of your mouth when you're talking to a customer service rep includes insults and profanity, you're a) probably an asshole b) probably not going to get the kind of help you want c) probably not even really wanting customer service to help you.

Makes you feel better to call us idiots, huh? That much of a raging egomaniac that you claim (not just think, claim) that a supervisor's entire salary is worth less than your time?

You're adorable. And apparently in your world, "duh" is an acceptable substitute for "yes," "no," "maybe," and "I don't know." YOU'RE GENIUS. You're also someone I never, ever have to deal with ever again. Godspeed. Or to be more exact, may God speedily get over to you in order to slap you.

* * *

I'm proud to say I didn't lose my temper with the guy (of course it was a guy); it quickly got funny more than anything. Also nice to know that it's this company's policy that when a customer (like this guy) says he's recording the conversation, get that customer to a supervisor and out of your headset immediately.
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