February 9th, 2014

Cartoon Chris

I am large, I contain multitudes

And that's literally true, as I weigh more than I did in 2012 when I was both a) poorer than now and b) working in a print shop where I was lifting a lot more things than I do now. Figuratively, the subject line's also true. Example: last night I finished the lovely, elegant, and sad Smiley's People, John Le Carré's third George Smiley novel; I'd borrowed an omnibus edition of the three books from Dad.

What was I listening to at the time? "Weird Al" Yankovic. I'd been listening to each of his albums yesterday starting with the first, and was up to 2003's Poodle Hat. I only paused in my reading when the insane-even-by-Al's-standards "Bob" came on, because I thought that song might be too distracting from the book's mood. But yeah. Juxtaposition. I do it.*

Good day to read, by the way. Snow and then freezing rain, both less likely in Portland than you'd think, so we don't get used to it, and we've been told to hunker down. Last night I went to the next book in my pile, Stephen King's new Dark Tower novel The Wind Through the Keyhole. Very easy to slip back into that world, some nine years after I read the entire series. I also think I've been missing King's prose; I last read Firestarter, the rare King book that didn't do much for me.

It might be non-treacherous enough for me to go walking. I do know breakfast places within, oh, 25 blocks of me are open and have bacon... (Will I get larger? Stay tuned!)

* Due to needing-to-sleep reasons, I ended my Weird Al listen-along with his 2006 album Straight Outta Lynnwood and didn't yet get to 2011's Alpocalypse. Should've started earlier, but I still like the music choices I made yesterday before Weird Al: Art Brut's first album (I'd wanted something that would make me smile) and the final Oingo Boingo concert from 1995.

The things we do for bacon

The outdoors: BRAVED. Icy, crunchy snow didn't stop me!

Which reminds me: I really should've seen Frozen by now, but I can correct that.

Without falling once, and only slipping a couple of times, boots-clad me got as far north as S.E. Division, because the good breakfast/lunch/brunch place Genie's Café was open. No pictures; I was worried that if I'd brought the iPad, I'd drop and break it, and while I'd heal from a fall, the pad won't. (And I didn't feel like putting batteries in my digital camera, which is smaller and probably easier to handle in this weather.)

Sledders were sledding in Brooklyn Park on the way, as that's the best and safest place near here to do so. Some sledders while I watched came perilously close to hitting either the fence along S.E. Milwaukie or the batting cage, but I'm glad to say no one hit them while I watched. One guy sledded down the hill, then pulled himself along the rest of the way, like he was paddling in water, so that he would reach that fence, but at a manageable, non-crash-y speed. I congratulated him.

Plenty of people and plenty of warmth in Genie's when I got there. Plenty of bacon, too: They'd added chopped-up bacon to a compote used in today's French Toast special, which I had. (Plus side bacon.) YES I WAS IN THE MOOD FOR BACON.

The family -- a mom, a dad, and a son and a daughter -- that I sat next to, also impressed me. When they got ready to leave, the mom got the daughter on her back, then managed to keep her up and safe while getting her own gloves on. The daughter grinned bigger and bigger while her mom did so. They reminded me of what I've thought before: when you become a parent, you should be able to grow an extra arm. I'm sure an extra would be useful!

Getting home was no problem, either. I took a slightly scenic route, repeatedly checking above me for tree branches and wires in case any snow or ice looked ready to fall from them. I avoided getting conked in the head by any of those. Feels like an achievement.

Thanks for letting me know you, clever people

So on Twitter I brought up samurai, as you do. I added

...misspelled "Samurai" as "Samural." Sounds like a drug.

And my fellow Portlander Phil Mills replied

Side effects may include a desire for vengeance, a small village that needs protection, a thirst for sake, or dry mouth.