February 20th, 2014

Me 2 (B&W)

"I'm glad to say..."

A call center job means repetition. A large percentage of your callers need to know xyz, so you say xyz until you risk it being rote. Same with jkl, opq, uvw, and even the occasional WTF (which you don't have to say too often, and in fact you'd better not). You can get overly scripted. Maybe you develop certain tics. One guy across from me says "actually" one, two, three or even four times in a single sentence. By this point I can't not hear him say that. Maybe I'm not so cognizant of my tics, though I overuse the word "basically"; I hope I make just judicious use of "if I can jump in," which I use if the caller is sprinting off on a tangent that's going to delay my solving their problem.

These past couple of days, I've noticed another tic of mine. When I've found a hard-to-find shopper's card for someone, gotten information that'll really help someone, or untied some thorny knot in a customer's shopping history, I've found myself adding "I'm glad to say" to the statement.

"I'm glad to say." I like saying that. I like having reason to say that.

What do you say "I'm glad to say" about?