March 12th, 2014

Me 3

You Know More Now

Stuff I've done you may not know I've done:

Worked a freight elevator. It's in the NW Portland print shop I worked at from February 2012 to January 2013. It sets off alarms and lights, and has switches and gates. I should've pretended I was on the Sulaco.

Had my mouth hanging open on local television. I was in the audience once around 1991 or so for WRC (Washington, D.C.'s NBC station, where Katie Couric first worked for the network) and its high school quiz show It's Academic, because my friend Leo was team leader. I noticed that in the same studio, to the left of the It's Academic set, was the teeny set for The McLaughlin Group (which I watched back then). The teams played, we watched, and one of the crowd shots included me and my mouth obeying gravity. At least there was nothing in there other than my teeth and tongue. And at least you couldn't see my uvula.

Been to the middle of the Atlantic, but not any further to any other country. Because aircraft carrier. (Why not share that again?)

Handled five-figure checks. I did that as part of my admin assistant duties a few jobs ago. The job I got fired from for "not fitting in." After doing it for two years. Yeah. At least trust was not an issue, right? *wry grin*

Played soccer. Badly. But hey, I had fun. Did it in Rancho Bernardo, California and then Northern Virginia, so around age 6 then around age 11. Randomly, my coaches on my final team kind of looked like Robert Klein and Tom Clancy.

Absolutely swore I ran off the ground. Third grade. Fairfield Elementary School, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Recess. Running. I ran hard. I became convinced that as I ran, my feet were pushing against air, not against ground. Told Mom about it after school. I'm sure Mom said something like "That's nice."

Still not have had a hangover. Water is my friend for more than one reason.