March 16th, 2014

Whale fluke

Working better now?

I wonder if LiveJournal's been doing some code repair. The site was, on my end, a little wonky for a bit; there was that brief period a few weeks ago where the site wouldn't let me post from this computer, and there was a slightly longer total amount of time when trying to edit entries would first send me to an edit screen, but then send me to a "choose which entry you want to edit" screen. Which I'd already chosen.

And then URL info that I could see changed. I'd noticed a while ago that if the post-an-entry URL ended with "/update.html," I hadn't loaded the full posting page so whatever I'd type, the "Post to chris_walsh" button would stay greyed out and nothing would autosave. I'd have to wait for some more coding to appear in the the address line, a pound sign and a couple more words after "/update.html," and THEN posting would work. And then last week it wouldn't load the extra bits of info. Oh, crap I thought. I posted from the iPad a couple of times because of that, but sometimes LJ wouldn't even load on the iPad's browser. Finally, frustrated, I tried posting this. And it posted. WHAT I SAW IS WHAT I GOT.

So now I'm untraining myself from expecting LJ to behave the way it's behaved until very, very recently on my computers. And spent time last time updating icons on recent entries to be the icons I'd actually wanted to use.

Stick with me, LJ. Stick with me. Stick with me.
I listen

A brief mental glimpse

I idly mentioned Saturday night on Twitter that I'd listened to James Horner's score to Aliens, then listened to the Blade Runner score by Vangelis. Someone mentioned that both are heavy pieces of music. I replied that I could handle it, and that "You'd know I can handle it if you heard my mental soundtrack. It's like Bernard Herrmann and Danny Elfman yelling at each other."