April 1st, 2014

iAm iSaid

Another April Fool's Day, survived

April Fool's Day wasn't really an issue at work. The only time it came close to being an issue was, because I was talking to customers about their fuel discount points, I kept saying "April fuel" over and over. Please let none of my customers think I called them fools. Audibly. I KID.

I also learned today that 25 years ago an April Fool's prank claimed that Seattle's Space Needle had collapsed. Had I heard that, I would've really worried. And then thought You don't prank by claiming it fell. Prank by claiming it LAUNCHED! C'mon, a rocket Space Needle would be awesome!

(A couple of weeks ago when the KOMO News helicopter crashed near the Space Needle, killing the two people onboard -- rest in peace -- the first news report I heard made it sound like the helicopter had hit the Needle first. I got sad for the crash victims and worried another one of the crash victims was the needle. Some slight relief when I learned the helicopter hadn't.)

One last work detail tonight: I managed to help a very computer-illiterate customer clean up a problem on their own computer. I learned what to do (cookie cleanup, which I seriously hadn't known how to do), explained it, and the customer got it. When the job sometimes involves telling people "look at the top of your screen" but they look at the Google search bar instead, knowing what to do to help someone and them getting helped can be such a relief.