April 9th, 2014

Berthold Run

"I believe the subtext here is rapidly becoming text."

Every thought I have at the moment, every word I write or even almost-write, seems right now to have a double meaning. And not in the fun double-entendre way, either. It's like I'm trying to open myself up to be psychoanalyzed. Or to have the smartasses I know hear what I say and reply "Tell us how you really feel."

I think, right now, that I don't want to say that.

So there's a good chance that this blog will be even more boring than usual for a bit. You're warned.
Flavored Calories.

Things I Think

I'm getting out the bread to make a sandwich, and briefly think the bread may be moldy but then realize I'm looking at part of the bread bag, not the bread. I then wonder if maybe bread packaging shouldn't have colors that look like mold.

"Well," I then think, "Mold does come in many exciting colors..."