April 18th, 2014

Admiral Ackbar

I'm gonna vent

I almost hit a cyclist this morning.

Driving, because I'm running errands before work, I was about to turn left from SE Holgate onto 39th/Cesar Chavez. I started to turn into a gap between vehicles, then had to briefly stop because a bicyclist was riding behind and to the right of an SUV-sized vehicle heading westbound. I swore, waited for him to pass, then made it through the remaining gap.

Intersections are where bicyclists have to be in traffic. There's no bike lane there on Holgate, so there's less reason to hug the curb. And him being over there meant that I COULDN'T SEE HIM. I had enough time to react, not hit him, and not cause a flipping accident (literally or figuratively flipping), but I'm not happy that I wound up in that situation. Should've waited, even though I had NO REASON to think I'd HAVE to wait.