June 1st, 2014

Sally Salt Disgusted

Impressively Dumb (not me)

Should I apologize to Laurelhurst neighborhood residents for honking near their homes? No.

Much of E. Burnside from 28th to 50th Avenue or so is four lanes, but with street parking in one or two of those lanes depending on the time of day. Today's a weekend/non-rush hour day, so two of those lanes have parking. And the idiot* in the right lane seemed a) about to pass me on the right and/or b) unconcerned about the occasional completely stopped car in his way. Finally he did pass me on the right, and ducked around one of the parked ones, and I honked. I did controlled honking, short bursts of noise, though a part of me wanted to do a classic New York-style leaning-in HONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNK but it's Sunday. I then watched him stay right when staying in the left lane really would've been the better option, and watched him weave, then thought OK, I don't want to stay behind him so I turned onto a side street and got over to S.E. 39th/Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. another way. Detaching myself from annoyance. It's a good skill.

Before the impressively dumb driving, I took care of and saw better stuff: I got to Fred Meyer and raided the bin where cardboard boxes are left, either for recycling or for people to use for packing, which is, of course, another form of recycling. I then sat on a sidewalk watching the Belmont Goats, who are a few weeks away from moving to Lents (which still won't be far, by Portland standards, from where I'll be living), because I liked having a calm moment with calm goats. Then I had comfort breakfast -- because breakfast should be comforting -- at Beulahland. There's already more to my day than bad driving...

* I know, I have no empirical proof the driver was an idiot, but I'm cranky about him and I don't have to be fair in my own blog.
TNG Darmok

Boxing Week

I'm dismantling my life here.

It'll be, um, mantled in another place not too far from here by week's end. Between now and then, life will be downsized even more than I've already downsized it, which I've had a chance to do since I've had months of thinking I'll move soon, so make sure I don't have to move too much all at once!

At the end of this is a new space I'll figure out how best to fill. And a situation I'll figure out how best to inhabit. It's been a long time since I've been a housemate. I've been very used to living solo. The only breaks in the 12 years (!) I've lived in this studio have been me staying with family briefly, for visits or trips like the 2007 wedding trip to San Francisco. And that's with people who've had 40 years' experience of me. The people whose house I'm moving into have not yet had even hours' experience with me. This will change, and be a reasonably easy change, I hope.

I can be a good roommate. Soon I'll start to prove that.