June 11th, 2014

Thumbs Up Vader

Out. Yes!

It took two last car trips. Now, today, the moving-stuff is done.

(Unpacking still needs to happen, but I take my victories where I can get 'em.)

Got over to the apartment late this morning, stopping at a coffee/breakfast/lunch place nearby I'd meant to get back to, and did the final countdown I mean the final packing of things into boxes. My car was a full car, by the time I left. I needed to be productive other ways, so I drove downtown for the first time in months -- yes, I went willingly -- and got to the DMV to get my address changed. Nicely quick. Quick at the DMV: it's possible! Then I wandered downtown, with an hour to kill to get the full benefit of the one-hour minimum parking I was paying for. Pretty, downtown, in its way.

Getting back to the east was an adventure I'd rather not have had, as I dealt with bad driving by others, bad driving by, um, me, and a train slowly moving between me and my destination. That destination: Big-Ass Sandwiches, because by then I had an appetite. I still had an appetite when I got home: once I'd unloaded the car, I had early ice cream.

Finally, I decided I was on enough of a roll to finish the moving-out work, and by Gum, it's done. I celebrated on my way home. With a Slurpee. I'm a man of simple tastes.