June 13th, 2014

Whale fluke

I held to it.

It's the little things. And I hope you like little things, because that's what I'm likely to write about lately. I'll try not to be too boring...

Last year, I slightly mentally prepared myself for moving out of my apartment by telling myself I couldn't buy certain foods to keep in my pantry or fridge until I'd moved. That included bacon and grits. I know myself well enough that I was concerned I'd put bacon in its fridge container, or grits in a shelf container, and subconsciously be all "Well, I can't really move until I finish that off..."

Solution? DON'T HAVE IT. Which helped. (Don't have it at home, at least. At restaurants I didn't deny myself bacon...)

I just got back from the Fred Meyer down the street, at SE 82nd and Foster. I first planned to walk there, to see how long a walk it is, but I wussed out because I wasn't yet in the mood to get rained on. (I'll get rained on later on my way to work.) That shopping haul included grits. There. Another option for warm breakfast is here.

It's the little things. I know that, I said it...