June 22nd, 2014


Geek Olympathon 2014, Observed (by me)

Fourth annual Geek Olympathon! It happened. I saw sweaty people who'd done it.

The Geek Olympathon is a contest that started in Portland in 2011. I was on the first winning team. Really. I haven't played since, but plenty of friends and acquaintances have, and it's gotten bigger and bigger. Yesterday 30 teams (the max allowed this year) went all over town, playing games and meeting challenges. I was working during almost all of this...

...except for the awards ceremony, which I bussed up to and happily saw last night! That was held at Mississippi Pizza in North Portland, a few blocks from Bridge City Comics and a few more blocks from the northernmost Big-Ass Sandwiches cart. I walked in as Jessica Hebert -- a scientist, pretend pirate and singer-songwriter -- and Christian Lipski -- a writer and musician who also is sometimes a pretend pirate -- were singing and playing "Hooked on a Feeling" with new, hilariously sick lyrics. (Song of Ice and Fire-and-sex-inspired lyrics. Fill in your own blanks, if you've read it.) That song and others were written as one of the. Olympathon contests: impromptu filk.

I visited people, people-watched, equipment-watched so that equipment used in the Olympathon wouldn't be absconded with, and smiled a lot.

I like having time after work to do actual social stuff.

After that, I bussed back to Southeast, and first stopped at Cartopia to eat a very late dinner. I was impressed that the 14 bus and my feet go me from Cartopia to home in only 20 minutes. And then I stayed up too late and woke up tired...maybe as tired as some of my friends who'd played in the Geek Olympathon. Solidarity! Sort of.