October 13th, 2014

Summer Me

Bike High In The Sky

Somehow, Dream-Me invented a new mode of transport last night: divisible bikes! They split off from each other once the two riders no longer need to ride in the same direction. Once split, go your own way! Except one woman got stuck -- and stuck high, because these bikes were tall bikes -- and I helped her get to the ground. (She was cute, too.) More shenanigans ensued, but describing those would make this post increasingly uninteresting.

Now I need to figure out how divisible bikes would work, without risking such bikes becoming something for a Jackass stunt.
Captain Kris W'lash

Bed Ejection

So I've seemingly settled in a sleep pattern that means I don't feel sore in bed in the morning...unless I try to sleep in.

It's as if my bed knows.

This entry is mainly here to allow me to use a subject line that amused me.