December 31st, 2014


I know more now.

It's been a year. It's been a time where I feel, and hope, I've learned more.

About my strengths and how to play to them.

About my weaknesses and how to mitigate them.

About what makes me angry and what best to do about that.

About what makes me sad, and how to deal with that.

About what makes me happy, or happier, and how to keep doing that.

It's been a lot to think about. But it's easy to bottom-line it:

I can do better.

I hope to.

I hope for you to.
Cartoon Chris

Try this

An idea I like: if you hear a joke or part of a joke and don't get why it's funny, think of something that quietly amuses you. There. You're quietly amused. Helps keep you from worrying about what you may have missed.

Plenty in this world will amuse you. And -- it took me a while to grok this -- I DO NOT HAVE TO GET ALL THE JOKES.

(Let it go...let it go...)
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