April 5th, 2015

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This is how I amuse myself

Second-grade classroom, Henderson, Nevada, mid-'80s. A young Brandon Flowers gets a note from a girl passed to him and his life is changed forever:


(From Wikipedia: "There remains confusion and debate over the line "Are we human, or are we dancer?" ...On the band's official website, the biography section states that Flowers is singing "Are we human, or are we dancer?" and also says that the lyric was inspired by a disparaging comment made by Hunter S. Thompson, who stated that America was "raising a generation of dancers".")
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Not what it seems: the uncertainty of "Twin Peaks"

Uncertainty. We Twin Peaks fans are living with it, like a dream where people's speech is a shade garbled. Apparently the "complications" co-creator David Lynch mentioned about a month ago concerning the show's revival are more complicated, to the point that as of now, Lynch has walked away from it. This first got reported as "new Twin Peaks is canceled by Showtime," but then Lynch went online to say it wasn't canceled, but that he'd left because he felt the budget was too low. Showtime followed by saying emphatically that it has not canceled the show, and that the network was still hoping Lynch could return. It's a big, public-- is "mess" the right word? It's definitely complicated, to an extent we outside the TV business simply can't know.

And the other big person with a say in this hasn't talked yet: co-creator Mark Frost, a screenwriter, novelist and big part of why Twin Peaks worked in the first place. Maybe he can't say anything. Maybe he can and is waiting for a less fraught moment to say it. Do any of the "complications" involve him, or not? We can't yet really know, and even him speaking might not tell us the whole story. But somewhere, somehow, behind the scenes, Mark Frost has a say. Remember, part of this revival is a planned novel by Frost touching on the 25 years since the end of the original show; even if everything else involved collapses, could this book still happen? Has the book been started? I have no answers, only questions and hope.

I want this to work out. I've been truly, genuinely excited about the possibility of seeing the characters and the world of Twin Peaks again; that something as eccentric, emotional, and dreamlike as it was (and good, even with, yes, the wildly uneven second season) became a genuine hit in the first place is something of a small TV miracle. That still exists if nothing comes out of this revival. I hope I'm not too selfish in wanting this to work. And I'm pretty sure this news is not finished.