May 4th, 2015

Captain Kris W'lash

It worked. ("Avengers: Age of Ultron")

Packed. I knew to expect Avengers: Age of Ultron to be packed. I've followed enough of the behind-the-scenes details of these Marvel Studios movies to know that the creation of these superhero films -- all linked together to pay off one way as a giant whole, and to still pay off and be satisfying if you only see one or a few here and there -- to be the creative equivalent of a Chinese jigsaw puzzle that grows then turns into a Transformer. To have this film even be coherent, much less satisfying and emotional, is one hell of a feat that I can't really imagine how to do. I like that Age of Ultron manages that.

There's a lot to process, and plenty happened in the film that I didn't expect -- I hope I can similarly avoid spoilers on Star Wars: The Force Awakens -- so maybe I'll have more thoughts. For now, I liked it. And am a little worn out.