May 9th, 2015


Sunblock: used. Sun: walked in. Come at me, spring.

As Danny Elfman sang, "Start to sweat, fun starts soon..."

Today, with its surfeit of sunrays and finally-warmth, needed to be walked around in. That was my day's big accomplishment: brief time at s library to return books, a "why not?" bus trip on the 75 southbound to Milwaukie to walk its downtown and see the MAX light rail line that'll open there this year, a soda and potato salad at a fountain in the Main Street Collector's Mall -- soda fountains are one of the ways I'm old-fashioned -- a sit-down on a Willamette River beach to watch boats get pulled out and let into the river/ a dog run and swim to get a throw toy/ a jet boat chugchugchugchug by, a "why not?" bus trip on the 31 eastbound to Clackamas Town Center and some wanderings in a mall -- mainly serving to remind me why I tend not to go to malls anymore -- and, finally, bussing and walking home.

I wanted to sweat, and to make good use of this sunblock.

Details along the way: the soda fountain marks a seat where, in the 1950s, future president John F. Kennedy sat during a visit. I had a lime Rickey there, and could note how it was different from the lime Rickey I had when visiting Massachusetts, but it was still tasty. There's been a good amount of park redevelopment on the Milwaukie waterfront since I last walked through here: bike and walking paths, an improved boat ramp, a dock, a nice-looking cobblestone-lines lookout over Johnson Creek, and the future site of an amphitheater. I miss having a dog, but watching a dog run into and out of the Willamette was a nice substitute. Yep: I'm definitely still a dog person.