May 18th, 2015

NCC-1701 Nebula 1

Book, weeds, Max, walks, food, bar... (A weekend, full)

That really and truly felt like a weekend. Even with paid work during it, a change from the last couple of weeks.

Both Friday and Saturday night were late nights for me. Friday went late as I attended the novel release party, at Bridge City Comics, for local writer/podcaster Aaron Duran. He finally can sell his self-published horror-novel-for-young-adults Welcome To Grizzlydale; I and a bunch of other people bought it, and visited with him and each other. Here's to huggy people!

Saturday was a brief, basic landscaping job, at Lincoln High School next to downtown. (Lincoln was Matt Groening's high school, by the way.) I pulled weeds and put down mulch in the school's rose bush display and other ornamental displays at the front of the school. Don't usually sweat on my jobs, but I sometimes do this once or twice a summer. It reminds me that I should never be a professional landscaper, but hey!: I can do this.

Well-earned pizza was my lunch after that, and I also took advantage of having plenty of paid parking time to walk around the stadium neighborhood near Lincoln. I walked around Providence Park where the Portland Timbers, Portland Thorns, and the football team for Portland State University play; I also finally got to see the completed, much larger Stadium Fred Meyer, which was almost completely rebuilt when land right next to it, with a building that had held a Hollywood Video, became available. The store goes higher now, with neat views of Providence Park and the West Hills beyond, plus you can see the store's new eco-roof. Yay for not-weeds! Stuff I don't have to pull!

After getting home, getting myself clean, listening to a dispiriting Timbers loss on the radio (they lost 3-1 at the Houston Dynamo), and eating dinner, I braved the multiplex at Eastport Plaza -- I hadn't been there for years -- to watch a night screening of the good, brutal, and overwhelming Mad Max: Fury Road. I'm not as in love with it as a lot of people I know and follow -- I don't feel the need to re-watch it (though I do want to revisit the earlier three films; I've seen all or parts of each of them) -- but it's impressively batcrap nuts, sometimes to the point where you laugh at the awesomely ridiculous (or ridiculously awesome) images and ideas. Pretty engaged, well-behaved crowd, too, which you don't always get at a film.

Sunday started with brunch with Mom, who was in town for a ballet performance by a young girl we're related to. Mom and I caught up on each other's lives: she'd done a special trip to see my brother's family in Virginia, while Dad has been fostering a dog to see if fostering is a good idea for them. (Verdict: mmmmmmaybe, but not this dog, who'll go to other caretakers later this week.) We ate at Oliver's Café in Lents because a) it's good and b) it's near the Belmont Goats, who we visited. And then after Mom dropped me off back at the house, I went out once more and spent the rest of the afternoon at a bar where Sarah and Greg of Funemployment Radio hosted a fun, raucous Cornhole tournament that I watched. More visiting with good people, with a nice break in the corner of the bar where I could rest and recharge (and where people thought I was taking a nap. Maybe I did).

So. Money, visits, and a slight sunburn. Got a fair amount done.