May 19th, 2015

Whale fluke

Dream-Me drove badly

I tried to guide it. It's possible to direct (to a certain extent) one's dreams, and last night I tried that. And I tried that to deal with how, while driving, I'd stopped with my car at an angle that, once I started again, would take me into oncoming traffic. Even my dreaming self knew this was bad.

The good news is I didn't dream of an accident! The bad news is I woke up as I tried to think my way out of that position. Maybe I woke myself up by thinking too hard...

OK, try to guide dreams again. *goes back to sleep*

(not really)
Clay. Bill...Clay.

This means I mean it

I really, really, really disliked Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's Battle Pope.

To the point that I took the free copy of Vol. 2 I'd glommed onto at some point, walked to the #10 bus, rode to near a recycling depot, walked the rest of the way, and threw it into a mixed paper recycling bin. I made a special trip!

While thinking "feh. I could've used it as kindling, a target, a chew toy, a coaster, paper airplane parts..."

(Shared to make at least Aaron Duran smile)