June 8th, 2015


Clean! Clean!

There's a Sally Forth strip that begins with the mother telling the father and the daughter that she's going to take care of all of the laundry, and the last panel shows the father and the daughter both wearing towels while off-panel the mother yells "I'm missing a couple of towels."

I feel a little guilty that I'm not doing laundry that thoroughly this morning.
Whale fluke


Air moves like molasses you can breathe.
Quick molasses, often, too.
Pushed and poured over the world
Pressured, barometer'ed
Heated, chilled
With fluctuating moisture rising, humidifying, coalescing
And often cloud-flavored: wisps, puffs, impossible piles, slate-grey sheets,
Waiting for gravity to do its job.
Heavy air; airy air; water-flecked air; lightning-spiked air;
All with a lot to do.

- Christopher Walsh, June 4th and 8th, 2015

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Cartoon Chris

An anniversary!

June 8th, 2014 was my first full day living on SE 70th, once again in a house after 12 years (my longest in any one place) in that Brooklyn neighborhood studio. Means that just over a year ago, I was getting sweaty for a good cause, moving stuff (with Mom and Dad's help, of course). I'd needed to move, I'd needed more space, and during the room hunt I became increasingly certain that it helps me to be in a house, with fewer people on top of you in the same building, not the bare stripped minimum of features -- wow, I can use s bath! If I want to -- and, when possible, with some lawn space. This place has that, front and back. A day last week, when I was the only person home and after Portland had gotten hot, I enjoyed being able to go into the backyard and get shirtless, soaking up some sun and warmth where I don't usually get to soak it.

I'm with housemates; we get along. I'm with pets; we get along. I take care of certain regular chores, because I'd better not forget that a house can be a lot of work. This is all practice for future houses, and future roommates; I want to find good homes, and good roommates.

I want to make this keep working.